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Warrington Conservative Future (WCF), chaired by Sam Baxter, represents party members aged 30 and under in both Warrington North and Warrington South.

As a group we hold social events, engage in social action projects, and campaign in support of David Mowat MP (Warrington South), our fantastic team of Councillors, and candidates across the town. Recent highlights include a record number of members standing for council, encouraging volunteering and young trustees, stewarding at Disability Awareness Day, fundraising for the Poppy Appeal and adopting Warrington Disability Partnership as our first ever charity of the year.

Is getting involved in politics worth it? In a town like Warrington where we have a key marginal Parliamentary seat, and a number of knife-edge Council seats, you can't afford not to! David Mowat was elected as the MP for Warrington South on May 6th 2010, in that campaign and in over 5 years of working with David, WCF's hard work paid off again in May 2015 when we campaigned hard to see him back in office with an increased majority. Conservative Future activists played a huge part in these campaigns and the Council elections inbetween across Warrington, and a great sense of achievement was felt by all of us when even in tough times we got results we wanted.

The Conservative Future movement is all about involving young people in politics and addressing the issues that matter to them. Through this, it can be proved that even those below the voting age can have a say in the Party and the direction in which we move as a town and as a country.

WCF is always open to new members. We do hope you'll become the latest to join!

For more information contact Sam Baxter, WCF Chairman, at sambaxterpenketh@outlook.com

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