MP Speaks up for Nuclear

Local MP for Warrington South, David Mowat gave a key note speech to the Conservative Party Conference on Sunday night on the benefits of Nuclear Power.

Vascular Services Review "a Cause for Concern"

Warrington South MP David Mowat last night used a House of Commons debate to raise his concerns about the removal of vascular services from Warrington Hospital. The Cheshire & Merseyside Vascular Services Review has announced that Warrington Hospital, along with Arrowe Park Hospital on the Wirral, will lose its specialist vascular services department in favour of a "centre of excellence" at the Countess of Chester Hospital.

Warrington bashed by Barnett again

David Mowat took to the floor of the House of Commons this week to protest at a small but significant change to the Scotland Bill which was parachuted in at the last moment. It increases the Scottish Government's borrowing capability, specifically to allow for the building of the replacement Forth Road Bridge just outside Edinburgh.

Mowat urges against backsliding on HS2

David Mowat used a Westminster Hall debate last week to once again push the case for High Speed Rail 2, which is estimated to create 40,000 jobs in the North of England according to a study by KPMG. A number of MPs from London and the midlands criticised the cost and disruption that the line would cause, but Mr Mowat argued that the project would bring transformational benefits to Warrington and the North West. It comes the same week as Mr Mowat joined a number of Conservative MPs from the North of England who signed a letter to the Daily Telegraph in support of HS2.

Budget 2011 - Don't forget regional imbalances

David Mowat used his speech in the Budget Debate to highlight the problem of regional imbalances in the UK. He noted that under the last years of Labour, economic growth per head in London had accelerated far beyond that in the regions and that the UK's economy was now more dependent on its capital city than France, Germany or Holland.

Mowat makes speech on Banking Reform

David Mowat today made a speech in the House of Commons on banking reform. He called for a stronger "firewall" between retail and investment banking, in order to protect consumers. He also criticised the system which had allowed some banks to become too big to fail.

Mowat speaks out on HS2

David Mowat yesterday took on critics of the HS2 project, saying that it would bring jobs and prosperity to the North West of England. He also took the opportunity to urge ministers to look at creating a connecting spur which would link Warrington with the new line, ensuring that the town would see some of the benefit from the project.

Mowat highlights "North-South Divide" in Commons Speech

David Mowat used a Commons debate on Growth to highlight the disparity in capital investment between London and the North West. The MP also highlighted the central importance of energy and particularly nuclear, in promoting economic growth.

"Honour our commitment to Equitable Life victims" - Mowat

David Mowat last night took to the floor of the House of Commons to urge the Government to deliver on its pledge to the victims of Equitable Life. His remarks were made as the Equitable Life (Payments) Bill received its Second Reading in the Commons, the Bill was passed without objection.