Warrington benefits from Record Employment

Figures released today show that youth unemployment has fallen by over a half since 2010 – while the unemployment rate remains at its lowest level in over four decades.

Conservatives Offer New Opportunity to Penketh

Labour’s own research shows Penketh residents feel let down by decisions made by the Labour run Council.  The questionnaire, which has been widely distributed in a recent election leaflet, confirms local residents want to “retain the Honiton Way library” and that there are widespread concerns abo

Energy Price Freeze: Good Politics, Bad Government

On Tuesday, Ed Miliband announced that a future Labour Government would cap energy prices for its first two years. At first glance, this seems like a great idea. Many people have struggled because of the rising costs of gas and electricity over recent years and the cost of living is set to be a defining theme of the next general election.

Diffusing the Pension time bomb

This week the House of Commons began debating the Pensions Bill. This is a bold, ambitious and long overdue piece of legislation. The bill will reduce complexity and benefit many savers – particularly women. The reduction in means testing will, at last, create real incentives to save.

Report for Free Market Think Tank Politeia

A leading Conservative MP has warned that household lighting and heating will be put at risk unless the government invests in the next generation of power plants. And Warrington South's David Mowat claimed that the danger has been heightened because successive administrations have focused too heavily on renewable energy sources such as wind farms and solar panels which have had the unintended consequence of increasing carbon emissions.